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Dairy products are an excellent source of protein and calcium and can contribute hugely to a healthy balanced diet. Calcium is vital for bone development in children and young people and helps maintain bone density in older people too.

Dairy Day’s range also includes low fat and low salt cheeses and yoghurts for anyone looking for healthier options.
The nutritional content is clearly marked on all our products to help you decide how big a portion to eat.

Because of the varied selection in our range from hard to soft cheese, yoghurt to fresh dips, the fridge life varies too. All products are clearly marked with a best before date and how quickly they should be eaten once open.

Our award-winning Halloumi – one of the few made in the UK – is unsurprisingly our best-seller. It can be found in London’s finest restaurants, on the shelves at Harrods and Harvey Nicholls, as well as on stalls at many popular food markets. Filming for Channel 4’s Food Unwrapped Show, presenter and chef Andi Oliver described it as “The best Halloumi I have ever tried.”

Yes – our entire range is gluten-free so can be enjoyed by even more dairy lovers.

Yes – we are proud to make products packed with natural flavour that don’t need any artificial help to look and taste divine.

Yes – and because we care so much where our milk comes from we are supporting happy herds of cows too.

Yes – we only use 100% recyclable packaging and we are always looking for innovative ways to reduce water and power consumption in our factory too.

What did the cheese say to itself in the mirror?
Hallo Me!!

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